The EPA Under Siege is the first part of a multipart series on the early days of the Trump administration. In this series, EDGI authors systematically investigate historical precedents for Trump’s attack on the EPA, consequences for toxic regulation and environmental justice, the influence of the fossil fuel industry on the new administration, changes to the public presentation of climate change, and the new administration’s hostility to scientific research and evidence.

The Trump administration currently poses the greatest threat to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its entire 47-year history. Twice before, presidential administrations in North America have targeted their own environmental agencies with comparable aggression, in the early Reagan administration (1981-1983) and under Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (2006-2015). Trump’s assault is on track to surpass these. Successful challenges to these earlier attacks provide pointers for those hoping to uphold the EPA’s mission of protecting human and environmental health today, Republicans and Democrats alike. Our analysis draws upon deep digs into historical literature and archives as well as sixty interviews with current and former EPA and some OSHA employees.

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Struggles of World’s Refugees Spotlighted at Stony Brook Forum

Sanaa Nadim, Stony Brook University's Muslim chaplain, becomes

The voice of an 18-year-old refugee calling from the island of Nauru in Micronesia filled the room during a presentation on Wednesday at a forum about refugees at Stony Brook University.

The Iranian woman described living in tents and small crowded rooms, enduring taunts and physical and emotional abuse and losing hope while waiting for nearly four years to be resettled from Australia’s offshore…

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An open dialogue on the local and global impacts of the immigration ban. Featuring faculty from the
College of Arts and Sciences and School of Social Welfare as well as notable guests who work at the intersection of social work, mental health, and government services


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